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School Uniform

The AGS school uniform consists of the following:
*Collared white AGS monogrammed T-Shirt
*Dark shoes and white socks
*Red AGS monogrammed jacket
Please note that students are responsible to buy their own pant for school. Pants must be loose fitting, regular, plain black pants / trousers. Leggings and denim, ‘jeans’ are NOT allowed at school. AGS logo is not required on the pants.

The AGS sports uniform consists of:
*Black AGS PE shorts
*White AGS monogrammed sport T-Shirt
*Dark sport shoes and white socks

All students are expected to wear their AGS PE shorts to physical education classes only. If a student is not dressed in the correct sports uniform they will not be allowed to participate in the PE lesson and this will affect their grade for PE.

Student appearance is expected to be conservative and tasteful. Minimum jewellery is allowed. Boys are not permitted to wear body- piercing jewelry. Extra adornments or any other unauthorized accessories are not part of the uniform and may not be worn. Students are to wear the school uniform when representing the school at an out-of school event or field trip.
Parents will be asked to bring the correct AGS uniform to school if their child does not wear the correct uniform to school.

The AGS school uniform can ONLY be purchased at First Day Textiles (Tel#: 02 6340043 & Mob#: 050 5322630) behind Omeir bin Yousif mosque, Hamdan St., Abu Dhabi.
Shop hours: 9:30 am – 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

Please see the price list below for the uniform items:

  • Polo T. Shirt half sleeve
  • Polo T.Shirt full sleeve
  • Round neck half sleeve
  • Round neck house T.Shirt
  • Black pants- sports
  • Black shorts- sports
  • 65 dhs
  • 70 dhs
  • 45 dhs
  • 50 dhs
  • 55 dhs
  • 55 dhs