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The Abu Dhabi Grammar School (Canada) offers superior education to students in the United Arab Emirates. The school is committed to providing an excellent education environment to all students. Single semester and/or full year programs are available. The school follows the public school curriculum set by the Nova Scotia Department of Education. Public school education in Nova Scotia has two major goals: to help all students develop their full potential cognitively, affectively, physically and socially and to help all students acquire the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for them to continue as thinking, learning, physically active, valued members of society.

The public school program is based on the following principles of learning:

  • Learning is a process of actively constructing knowledge.
  • Students construct knowledge and make it meaningful in terms of their prior knowledge and experiences.
  • Learning is enhanced when it takes place in a social and collaborative environment.
  • Students need to continue to view learning as an integrated whole.
  • Learners mus see themselves as capable and successful.
  • Learners have different ways of knowing and representing knowledge.
  • Refletion is an integral part of learning.

AGS aims to provide students with opportunities to develop the understanding, skills and attitudes necessary to become lifelong learners capable of identifying and solving problems and dealing effectively with change.

The curriculum is taught under the careful supervision of certified teachers. Students are given the opportunity to study a variety of subjects focusing on arts, math, sciences, languages, history and computers. Each subject area has a framework of learning outcomes that describe what knowledge, skills and attitudes students are expected to demonstrate as a result of their cumulative learning experiences.

In addition, the students have the option to take courses in Islamic studies and Arabic language, which gives the students an opportunity to take the provincial exams in Arabic and Islamic studies. This gives them a chance to attend colleges and universities in the UAE as well as throughout the world. A range of extra-curricular activities is offered to students each semester. Activities include football, basketball, volleyball, dance, cooking, drama, art and crafts, music, bicycling and board games.

The school is organized into three sections. These are:

Elementary KGII to Grade 6
Junior High Grade 7 to Grade 9
Senior High Grade 10 to Grade 12


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