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Abu Dhabi Grammar School (Canada) Admission Procedures

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Open: 1 February 2021

Closed: 11 March 2021

Students must have settled Term 1 & 2 tuition fees before they can re-register for the following school year.

New Admissions

Sibling: 10 January 2021

General: 17 January 2021

Final Payment of Tuition Fees - 2 March 2021

To view the Application Procedures in English, please click here Application Procedure

To download the forms click the respective links:

Application Form

Once this documentation is provided, the application will be processed and evaluated by the admissions team. Please note, due to the high number of applications received, we will only contact those applicants who will move on to the Interview Stage.

Approved students are not guaranteed admission. Once seat availability has been determined for each grade level, select students with approved applications will be contacted by phone. The remaining approved students will remain on a waitlist.
Once accepted, a fee of 5% of tuition fees is collected for each child to reserve their seat. This fee is deducted from the tuition fees when registration and payment take place. There is a seven (calendar) day time limit to make this payment and accept a place once an applicant has been informed of their acceptance.

Please note that application procedures are subject to change without notice.